Essay On The Effects Of Confeminism On Women

What effects does feminism have on women?
Feminism is something that is talked about and very powerful. Women were degraded for everything they did. How were women introduced? In the ideal society of women understanding them was unreal, society coming upon them from Adam and Eve. The actual definition of “feminism” is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal, political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women. In ancient society women were treated as if they were beneath men. For centuries, women have been treated as the underdog. They always were treated like the outcast. When she wrote the Declaration of Sentiment’s she presented it in front of participants from the first women’s convention. It was also presented around the same time as the Declaration of Independence but was also adopted by congress. The selection was mainly stating the position of the Declaration of Sentiments varies
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The article was based off of how biased women were being treated and not given the same equal rights as men. Women were not able to be their own person or think for themselves. “This observation is not correct, women were not governed it is true by the reason, and the experience of men they are governed by their own reason and experience” (3). Women did not have the rights to be able to think for themselves. They did not have some of the same opportunities as men did.
Feminism is something from the past and has come to the present. Author Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote the “Declaration of sentiments’’. This was about how women were against being obligated to only being looked at as beneath men. In some societies eyes men were to be the one and only powerful creatures around, while women were only supposed to be mothers and wives. The ideal woman in society was supposed to take care of everything at home while the men were at

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