Feminism And The First Wave Of Feminism Essay

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Feminism as an ideology is a difficult concept to define because it tends to shift and changes as conditions change and as more focus is placed on one approach or another, one objective or another, and one counter-attack or another. Despite the shifting, there is one idea that has provided a steady foundation for the various major and minor waves of feminism that have taken place through history. This is the idea that there should be greater equality between the genders in the home, at work, and is social/political life and that the way to do this is by providing women with greater control over their own lives and greater flexibility to express their rights as humans. There have been at least three major waves of the feminist movement, commonly referred to as the First Wave feminists or Suffragettes, the Second Wave or Liberal feminists, and the Third Wave or Radical feminists. A Gallop poll conducted in 2002 indicated a fall in the number of people willing to accept the title of ‘feminist’ over the past 30 years, suggesting perhaps the cause of feminism had died though the ideals of feminism still seemed to be quite strong. However, it may be that we are on the verge of a Fourth Wave or Masculine feminist movement. In recent years, there has been a greater push to get more men involved in the feminist movement. In articles such as “Why Feminism Needs Men” by Rebecca Sobut (2014) and elsewhere, the argument that the objectives of feminism can only be achieved for women once…

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