Feminism And Fashion Impact On The Society Essay examples

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movement, the idea of thinking and considering clothes was against feminist believes and considered “false consciousness”. As a result, free choice is a myth as the society simply reacts to itself putting feminists, once again, on a “locked contradiction” (Wilson 2011).
On her essay, Feminism and Fashion, Wilson (2011), states that feminists, whilst using clothes as a form of protest, were not seeing the truth about the fashion industry and unconsciously were supporting exploitation of women for the garment section.
Therefore, it is important to consider the fashion industry itself, in this protest. As on one hand, it has been in the centre of the feminist movement, on the other, it also drives against the movement beliefs.
On the one hand, McRobbie (1997, pp.170-176) argues that the idea of a feminist, is a mere perception created by feminists themselves, as it doesn’t represent the reality instead it gives an identity to a social group previously known as housewives, mothers or girls, giving them a political view. Its political aim is to pull the modern women away from the feminine culture, giving women a chance to contradict the previous stereotypes.
On the other hand, McRobbie (1997, pp.177-180), points out feminism as a strategy for power. As the act of defining a social group as feminist will give categorise women’s characteristics which can influence the current inequalities. Roberts (2010, p.196) describes attitudes has the cognitive analysis of a person’s…

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