Feminism : A Feminist Perspective Essay

1718 Words May 29th, 2016 7 Pages
I was not expecting ten weeks will change many of my ideas. I thought I had an amazing stance on the word “feminism”, but after these classes with Professor Amanda Meise, I knew that I was wrong in understanding the word "feminism". Now, it is the time to confirm that I had a really wrong idea of the definition or the actual meaning of "feminism". Therefore, I would strongly say yes, I am feminist! As I learned from the class, feminism is a term used for a person who believes in rights of women, equal rights of women and men in the world. Also, I learned that people use feminism to defend their unconventional ideas which is a little wrong because feminism is not about hating men and demanding freedom for women for everything.
Feminism is empowering women into the society so that they are equal to men. Yes, I am a feminist because I feel that women should be given the same privileges as men. A woman should have equal rights, power and sources like a man. In the concept of feminism, one fight for the equal right of the woman and start the movements for the empowerment and for rights of women. In historic times, women were treated as properties and families feared the birth of girls in their family. I am glad women have been able to achieve such a fine level in the society now that they can do anything they want. Women now have the freedom of action, speech and expression which is an element I greatly support. There is no doubt in the fact that feminism has played a vital role…

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