Female 's Point Of View Essay

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Female’s point of view in a dystopian society If you were a woman in a dystopian society how would you feel f you were trapped and had no rights? The two main characters are females that are trapped in a society where they don’t have much say. They both find ways to escape their dystopian society to live a better life. Being a woman was one of the troubles they had to face. They both make the reader see everything through their point of view on how they are trapped in a world where everything is controlled and dehumanization. Persepolis and Through Thy Bounty both show the dystopian element of violence. Violence is a behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something. Both main characters face the dystopian element of Violence in so many ways. In Persepolis the main character is told main stories of violence and sees so much violence in her childhood “The BBC said there were 400 victims. The SHAH said that a group of religious fanatics perpetrated the massacre. But, the people knew that it was the SHAH’S fault” (Satrapi. 15) this scene in the story shows that the main character of Persepolis faces violence in her society. In Through thy Bounty the main character faces violence too “While my body healed, they walled my mind in a VR hell, piping in the recorded final memories of people they 'd tortured to death. By all rights, the experience should have shattered my sanity, but my mother 's stability saved me.” (Synder. 33)…

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