Female Oppression Within The Bible Essay

1455 Words Oct 18th, 2016 6 Pages
Cortney Hedlund
ENGL 194
Dr. McChesney
Mid-term Essay
13 October, 2016
Female Oppression Within the Bible
Gracie’s brother receives a book at the age of five, words accompany him from his parents that encourage him to follow his dreams, to grow up intelligent and independent. Gracie though, finds a needle and thread under gift wrapping. Instead of her parents foretelling a future of success from hard work, Gracie hears of a future of submission, housekeeping, and obedience. Never would she get the chance to own property, get an education, have her own wealth, or dream her own dreams. Instead her future is one of housework and cooking, courtesy of her second X chromosome. Though Gracie’s bleak future does not apply to women in our society today, it did so a hundred years ago, and thousands of years before that. Even today though, it is still possible to identify the subtle sexist expectations and ideologies that a woman 's expectations are limited to the home. Why are our daughters still told to “get back in the kitchen”? Why have there not been any female presidents since they’ve obtained their right to hold office in American government? Some people say “because that’s how it has always been,” that’s not the case though, actually the reason is much more influential than tradition, even more influential than biology, it’s the sharpened R word that caused more wars than money has- Religion. The world’s three major monotheistic religions- Judaism, Islam, and Christianity,…

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