Female Genital Mutilation Research Paper

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Female Genital Mutilation is a serious topic that affects women worldwide; specifically in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. ”FGM is a practice in which women partially or totally removing the external genitalia...for nonmedical reasons,” stated by World Health Organization. By women getting circumcised it deprives them of their freedom. Through reading my paper you will be able to learn the reasoning for FGM, who is affected, and the risk factors. Female Genital Mutilation is not safe nor fair for women to have to go through, so it should be stopped. “Where FGM is a social convention (social norm)...as well as the need to be accepted socially and the fear of being rejected by the community, are strong motivations to perpetuate the …show more content…
“In every society where it is practiced, FGM is a manifestation of deeply entrenched gender inequality.” (World Health Organization) Like I have said earlier Female Genital Mutilation is only performed on women to show cleanliness and femininity; however, when this becomes a tradition in the culture; in which, it is victimizing women for a long period of time it turns into gender inequality. By stripping the female genitals of women you strip her of her humanity, ego, and ability to stay healthy. This also demonstrates how women are being used as tools for males to use in their own community. After going through the mutilation, and women have sex in most instances women are not feeling pain, so when only player is able to take the advantages that gives them the power. In this case it is the male getting all the advantages which allows him to have power over the female, and when one becomes a trendsetter everyone else follows. So by the World Health Organization describing it as, “... deeply entrenched gender inequality,” it shows that this practice is used also to show the loss of power women have in their community and the discrimination they are facing. Female Genital Mutilation is not only happening for the reasoning of feeling welcomed in the community, but also to represent the low power women have over …show more content…
Some of the risk factors for Female Genital Mutilation include, ”The practice can cause short- and long-term health complications, including chronic pain, infections, increased risk of HIV transmission, anxiety and depression, birth complications, infertility and, in the worst cases, death.” (United Nations Population Fund) These risks come from the negative effects that Female Genital Mutilation poses on women. FGM is focused in the countries of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia; and usually these countries are poor. By living in a poor country, people do not get the best advantages and in that they most likely can not afford to go to the best hospital. So with that in thought we understand that most of these women do not get their surgery at the best possible location. If women are getting circumcised in an unsanitary condition with a surgeon who is least aware of what they are doing, then many health complications like the ones stated above arise. The 200 million females who have experienced FGM have most likely endured an infection and if that infection is not treated quickly it can lead to more serious problems including death. This practice leads to many risk factors that can affect females in the present or during their

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