Female Characters Of The Aeneid Essay

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Within The Aeneid, Vergil, as the author, placed an undisputable, misogynistic point of view upon the female characters of the epic poem. His sexist perspective, coming from the ancient Roman society’s values and view on women, is hinted at in his description and depiction of the women, having them supposedly “serve” as troublemakers and/or suitors and potential lovers. From a modern, feminist perspective, Vergil’s misogyny only made the female characters appear stronger and against the norm of Roman societal views on women. Women have pivotal parts within The Aeneid and have some of the most power positions in the story, despite Vergil depicting the women as weak and underneath the men. Vergil attempts to assign women a negative connotation in his portrayal of these characters, such as the goddesses, but fails to prove how the women are less than equal to the men. The men of The Aeneid share strong qualities, but the story does not that the women are equally as strong or stronger than their male counterparts. The women may not be main characters, but have important roles in Aeneas’s journey, including holding positions of power and controlling plot points vital to Aeneas’s progression as the hero. Though The Aeneid may glorify men and negatively portray women, underneath the text lies strong women. For example, women of power, especially Dido, play an important part in Aeneas’s journey and they are not just background characters but the key to character and story…

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