Felons : Should Not Lose Their Rights? Essay

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Felons to Vote
I. Introduction
A. Hook- Quote
B. Thesis: Felons should have ability to vote because they have served their time, they did not lose their rights, and they are still involved in society and the racism card tends to be pulled.
II. Common Ground
A. “Eight states -- Alabama, Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nevada, Virginia and Wyoming -- permanently bar ex-felons from voting without exception. Maryland and Arizona permanently disenfranchise those convicted of a second felony, and Tennessee and Washington state permanently bar from voting felons convicted before 1986 and 1984…” (Dowdy).
B. There are states constantly looking over their laws to get them changed.
III. Evidence
A. They served their time.
B. They did not lose all their rights because of this crime.
C. Racism
IV. Opposition/Refutation
A. Opposition= You can’t trust them.
Refutation= They committed a crime against society but they turned that around and served time.
B. Opposition= They lose their rights.
Refutation= They have to serve time; they pay taxes to be welcomed in society.
C. Opposition= Getting a felon would not be a punishment.
Refutation= It is a punishment. They have the struggle to regain employment and housing but they get through it just like they should be able to vote if they try had enough.
V. Conclusion
A. Quote.
B. Felons should have the right to vote because they have served their time. They have proved to everyone that they should be trusted again. They did not lose…

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