Feedback Summary Of Health Care Reform

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Feedback Summary

The three nurse colleagues have differing impressions with respect to the changes that the health care reform will bring about in their practice. After the presentation, a discussion was made on how the nurses will be impacted by the PPACA, and the prosperity and challenges nursing community may have in the evolving nursing practice. All agreed that nursing is a great profession and nurse are capable of acting as a driving force to achieve the objective of health care reform, and implementing continuity of care for the patients to manage chronic disease conditions. All acknowledged that higher education is key to success in nursing career and meeting the high expectations on the nurses, especially to fulfil the nurses’ roles
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She is pessimistic about whether the physicians will be ready to acknowledge full practice authority across the nation. She has pointed out that even in Illinois, which is her home state, nurse practitioners have only restricted practice authority. Disparity in reimbursement exists for the same service renders by a nurse practitioner and a physician. Health care reimbursement changes are needed so that nurses can receive direct payment for the services they provide, without billing under a supervising physician’s provider number. According to her the increase in the number of newly insured people, majority with no prior medical history available, will increase the burden on the nurses. Until the nursing shortage problem is fixed, the current working force is going to suffer from burn out, since the PPACA aims to enroll virtually every American into the health insurance plan. She thinks the health care infrastructure is not ready to handle these many new patients and can derail the purpose of health care reform. She thinks nurses are capable of exceeding the professional expectations, while working collaboratively in inter-disciplinary care settings, and coordinating continuity of …show more content…
They are very much enthusiastic about the advance practice registered nurses and proposed roles in the emerging care delivery model. One of them is ready to work in rural area community center or in NURSE corps. She says her plan is to continue her education to achieve the advanced degrees to work as a nurse practitioner. She is excited about the federal and state funding programs for the nurse practitioners ' education and NURSE Corps Scholarship Program. The third nurse started the discussion about the care delivery models by talking about the recent "UnitedHealthcare ACO, establishments with two major health care providers in the local area. These two health care providers have magnet status. She thinks that besides providing quality patient care, ACO can have financial advantage by reducing cost of care. But she is not sure about the prospects for the nurses, or the expectations on the nurses, in an ACO setting. Another care delivery model she is interested is, Nurse-managed Health Clinics (NMHCs), since she has experienced the hardships to get health care access in her early life. Only few hospitals like Cook County Hospital was accessible for under privileged people. To get an appointment she needed to wait for a long time and the hospital was always crowded. So she is a strong proponent for establishing

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