Fear Of Beauty In The Moon Is Green By Fritz Lieber

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Fritz Lieber is a fascinating author that draws the reader into another world. The kind of world where creatures will have 5 eyes instead of two, men walk around in a nuclear wasteland, and men hide in fear of the radiation that is now covering what was earth. Lieber had written stories about science fiction as well as several renaissance era stories. He grew up and lived through most of Americas darkest times. His thoughts were completely reasonable for around the time he wrote these stories he was in his thirties to forties where there was a growing fear of who would push the nuclear button first. Fritz Lieber loved to show the natures everlasting beauty despite a war, portray man as a dominating figure like a head of the household figure, …show more content…
Those two words never seem to go together but, Fritz Lieber show’s there’s beauty in everything. When he wrote The Moon Is Green he describes the wasteland as so amazing and stunning. All that is in this wasteland is a hazy green, but that’s not what he paints through the eyes of this woman. He paints this wasteland as a green beauty and it truly makes the reader almost believe that this is not an apocalyptic world but paradise. Lieber does a great job at showing a man and a woman’s perspective the woman perceives beauty where her husband perceives destruction and chaos. He tries to control her thoughts but can’t. Fritz Lieber wrote this story and his other works in a time period where men were the money makers, they brought home money while the wife stayed at home. While reading the moon is green a woman is stuck inside an apartment with nothing better to do than stare out a window into a wasteland and look at the beauty of it. When the husband comes home, he is angry at the fact she is opening the …show more content…
One instance in the story is when she thinks to herself “It 's so beautiful, and he always kills beauty” (Lieber). This lady has a serious distaste towards her husband so much that she doesn’t even tell him how she feels. It’s later stated, “That hurt her fingers; it always did, but he mustn 't know that.”. It’s very dissapointing to see this character act this way. After is discovered that she has opened this window the verbal abuse that she deals with begins again. All this hurt is only temporary though, since a man from the nuclear wasteland comes to her. He constantly tries to persuade Effie. She is looking for every excuse to leave this terrible place and situation. The man persuades her and she has already made her decision when the man named Patrick says “‘Euphemia,’ he exclaimed. ‘That 's what Effie is short for. Your name is Euphemia.’” (Lieber) He seems to not care too much for her until he discovers he might know her. She was possibly even a former lover with him. Effie was blinded by the beauty and was only looking for a reason to leave this constant abuse. She was manipulated by this stranger so much that when she saw her abusive husband star his typical abuse she jumps out the window into the green fog. Effie was getting away from not only the cramped bunker, but getting free from the abuse she went through. She found the

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