Father And Son Bond Or Lack Thereof Essays

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Very little has been said about father and son relationships in MGTOW, and I feel acknowledging this father/son bond or lack thereof is paramount to carving a different future for men and generations of men to come. In order to venture into this future or this unknown path in betterment of men, we should see father/son relationships as one of the most important pieces left to complete The New Man; that special being that is to rise from the messy rubble of gynocentrism. Not only has the role of fathers at home changed over the last two decades with more and more fathers staying home but getting more involved in their children’s lives. However, if the role of fathers that preceded the changing role of these men is left unaddressed in service to unravel the effect gynocentrism had on father/son relationships and sever this umbilical cord that has robbed sons of fatherly love and fathers of love and reverence from sons, the same mistakes made will be repeated and the blame will continue to fall squarely on these men.
Many men, if probed, would laud their mothers as a strong woman adept in providing needed care and they wouldn’t hesitate in telling you how she always ensures he is taken care of so that he wants for nothing. The same man would at best speak so stolid of his father who he barely sees because he’s out working in some soul destroying job or jobs. Never mind that everything he enjoys such as clothes on his back, electricity bill, shelter, tuition, groceries,…

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