Fatal Plane Crushes

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Countries With The Highest Number Of Fatal Plane Crashes
Air travel is considered one of the safest traveling means in the world as, considering the traffic, fewer accidents occur as compared to road travel. However, aviation accidents do occur from time to time and is considered as the most fatal. Statistically, those who survive plane crushes are few. Plane crushes are taken seriously and always followed by vigorous investigations to mitigate future crashes. Worldwide, the top ten countries that have witnessed the most number of fatal plane crushes since 1945 are; the US (760 accidents), Russia (305 accidents), Canada (169 accidents), Brazil (168 accidents), Colombia (163 accident), UK (101 accidents), France (101 accidents), India (94 accidents),
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Pilot errors account for more than half of all plane crushes. These errors occur when a pilot mishandles the controls, gets confused during navigation in bad weather, misread equipment, poorly coordinate with the co-pilot, ignore warnings, or execute poor takeoff or landing. Psychological issues may also cause a pilot error to cause a crash. In few cases, a pilot may not be fully aware of some new aircraft controls. Mechanical errors also cause 22% of aircraft accidents. In mechanical error, systems may fail beyond the capability of the crew. Some of the mechanical errors have been as a result of poor plane design. Bad weather is responsible for 12% of plane crashes and is the reason most of the times planes are grounded till the weather clears. Fog, heavy winds, and lightening can disable plane systems to cause and accident. Planes may also be as a result of human sabotage like high jacking, terrorism, and mentally ill passengers who have attacked pilots in the past. Some flights, like Flight 370 of Malaysian Airlines, just disappear in thin air, never to be found, and leaving no trace of the cause, passengers or any part of the

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