Essay on Fast Food Restaurant For Blame

1045 Words Dec 20th, 2014 null Page
Millions of individuals in America are believed to be obese. As our mid-sections continue to expand, populaces are asking the same question: Who is at fault? Have American’s become lethargic and more negligent with their food choices? Are fast food restaurant to blame? When you pull up to any drive thru window the little voice in the box says “welcome to burger town, may I take your order?” As you finish telling that magical little box your order that same little voice will repeat everything back to you then ask that age old question that we all have been asked “would you like that medium, large, or super-sized?” At that point it becomes your choice of what size meal you would like, at that moment it becomes your responsibility of the choices you are making, not the fast food chains, that little voice never said “you are taking the super-size meal please pull forward.” Without hesitation you answer I will take it super-sized, you just subconsciously took the largest meal that they offered, was it out of hungry, greed, or was it based on the mind set of today’s society Bigger it better.
One argument is that humans are prewired to eat fatty salty foods, therefore when masses of it are available to us, we can’t stop ourselves from eating a load of it. I hate to admit that I love to watch My 600 pound life; it is a reality show that follows a person for a year as they journey through their weight lost to lose half of a person. As I watch this show it amazes me every time to…

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