Fast Food Is Being Consumed All Over The World Essay

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Fast food is being consumed all over the world. It satisfies our cravings, it smells and tastes amazing and it’s cheap and fast. It couldn’t get any better than that! Apparently it is worse than it seems due to its substantial dependence on items that carry high amounts of sugar, fat and calories. Fast food corporations leave behind huge health problems and obesity in people. Later in life it can cause depression, premature aging and aspirin dependency. Fast food seems to affect a large population of people, innocent animals, and the environment. However, in this case it involves our entire planet.
According to a statement made by The Food Empowerment Project, “people in the United States are twice as over weight as they were in 1980”. Another contributing factor to the increase in obesity in the U.S. is that thirty-six years ago, people wouldn’t rely on fast food as much instead they made their own home cooked meals which had more nutritional value than most fast food does. In older generations for example most families couldn’t afford to eat fast food all the time therefore, they didn’t spend so much money on it. It is apparent that the current generation is eating more; not just fast food but in general, than in previous years. The tasty fast food ingredients can become addicting, causing children, youth and adults to have a hard time resisting the temptation of wanting more fat and sugar.
Workers in the fast food industry are also being negatively affected due to…

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