Does Fast Food Cost Less Than Healthy Foods?

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Why is it that fast food cost less than healthy foods?
Fast food hasn 't always been around for a fairly long time. Most people believe fast food industries were created in America, but it originated in Ancient Rome it was the first place to have ready cooked food for sale. The beginning of fast food in the United States was in New York City a automat was opened by Joseph Horn and James Hardart in 1902. The first hamburger chain in the States was White Castle opened by Billy Ingram and Walter Anderson in 1916, in Wichita Kansas. On the other hand Healthy foods have been around since who knows when, good health has always been connected to what foods you eat. Until recently healthy foods have been very important too people. Taking care of
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Your health is the extremely important, and there 's many things that can affect us, calories are what make you gain weight although fast food has high calories, it’s higher in empty calories than other foods. Fast food does fill you up but it doesn 't fill you for long, you 'll want to keep eating and eating. Blood sugar levels are important to keep your body to stay stable fast food is high in carbs and can cause blood sugar levels to skyrocket. Staying on the topic of blood sugar, insulin is needed to process. When insulin is used to much it can interfere with your body 's ability to use it effectively. One big thing that can cause high blood sugar that is in fast foods is salt, excess salt and weight can make your blood sugar rise. Ive mentioned carbs before and food that 's filled with carbs, unhealthy fats, and sugars, can lead to obesity, obesity is associated with multitude of health problems. As well all have been told having a high cholesterol is bad, and fast foods can cause this to rise but that 's not all fast food also lowers the good like HDL, two birds one stone. All i have talked about high blood pressure, obesity, and high cholesterol, causes your heart to work harder and this can lead to the cause of heart disease and strokes. Salt is something i talked about before too and salt retains water, this can be blamed for some of the bloating and puffiness. Obesity …show more content…
It 's normal to go out with your friends every weekend and go eat, now i imagine the everyone 's not rich and has money to go out and eat at a fancy restaurant or want to cook, maybe that doesn 't cross their mind but the fact is that this doesn 't happen, so there 's only one thing to do go to a fast food joint, just like me and all my friends would do. The cost of fast food is too great, we need to do something about this they have so much control of the farming industries and control of young kids, it 's scary to think we can’t go ahead and just go to the store and get what we need to cook something up. On the topic of taste, cooked food by yourself is not as hard to do, especially now a days with the internet there 's thousands of cooking recipies. There 's so many good and healthy foods you can make, you just have to put the time into it, and money unfortunately. Food is a wonderful thing and feel the need to tell people, to slow down and try new thing, cooking is a amazing treat to have and who know you might need it sometime in your life, a date, a gift to your parents which sometimes need a little break from cooking and other stress, who know it might even get you a gift from

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