Fast Food Companies Stop Attracting Children With Advertising

1034 Words Dec 9th, 2015 null Page
The Fast food companies stop attracting children with advertisement. Despite the recent Super Size Me controversy linking fast food and obesity, many fast-food chains continue to manipulate customers by presenting a seemingly healthier image. In response to Spurlock 's film, McDonald 's and other companies banned all super sized meals and added healthier options to their menus. After the movie described the unhealthiness of French fries, Wendy 's added other seemingly healthy options, such as a baked potato and salad, to substitute for fries. These options seem healthier, but they are in fact harmful to health. For example, on the new McDonald 's menu, a Caesar salad with chicken contains 18.4 grams of fat compared to 11.5 grams of fat in a standard cheeseburger. To put this into perspective, a new premium salad with Caesar dressing is equivalent to 79 percent of the average American 's daily fat intake. In addition to providing seemingly healthier foods, McDonald 's claims it is moving in a healthier direction by placing nutritional information on the “packaging” of most menu items. Even though this move seems to educate customers about the risks of eating fast food, it does not necessarily affect the initial purchase of the product. Also, Australia, one of the fattest nations in the world, prove that the advertisements of fast food give negative influence to children. According to the latest figures, 4 million Australians are obese, and another 5 million are considered…

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