Essay on Fast Food And Its Effects On America

710 Words Feb 15th, 2016 3 Pages
Fast food has been around for some time. Many people say it’s the only thing that contributes to obesity in America. But, is it? Around three years ago, many fast food chains were promising that they would try to contribute to help fight Childhood obesity. Although it was promised, studies have shown they have fell through with their promise. They’re not fighting like they should. I believe that more things other than fast food contribute to obesity, but fast food is cheaper than buying healthy food from the store. All Fast Food chains since then have been advertising that they’re making healthier food menus. They will advertise that they’re using ‘real meat’, or ‘real cheese’, but was it fake before? Can you really have ‘fake food?’ They’ve switched from whole milk to skim milk. But what about all of the fat, sugar and calories that are packed in these meals? I say that although they advertise that they’re making the meals healthier with the ‘same great taste,’ which they’re just advertising it that way to bring customers in, but they’re really not changing any kind of ingredients. E.J. Mundell from CBSNEWS states that “From 1996 to 2013, the average calorie count, salt content and saturated fat content of some items has stayed more or less the same over the seventeen year period.” He is talking about the original food items that come with just about every fast food meal that you order. Those items being small, medium or large fries, a beverage, a grilled chicken…

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