Fast Food And Its Effects On America Essay

1108 Words Aug 12th, 2016 null Page
“Fast food” was officially defined in 1951 by the Merriam-Webster dictionary. It defined fast food as, “food that can be prepared and served quickly – with little consideration given to quality... (Merriam-Webster)”. Apparently even before “fast food’ got its’ reputation - it was already deemed to be unhealthy. Fast foods have been blamed for every major illness from obesity to atherosclerosis. It’s been highlighted in lawsuits, medical journals and documentaries. It’s been researched by doctors, nutritionist and physical fitness experts. Each having definitive opinions about fast foods and it’s un healthy influence on America.
I believe that ‘fast food’ is guilty of only one thing, and that is of being a ‘convenience’ to the consumer. Historically, they would position themselves in areas of accessibility. In the Ancient Roman era, fast food vendors would situate themselves in large overcrowded cities, where the majority of the poor populated, for easy asses. Their main consumers may have been the poor and the homeless, but that’s because the wealthy had kitchen staff that prepared their meals. Also, the homes within the impoverished populated neighborhoods were usually “poorly constructed and didn’t come with the added luxury of kitchens (Stambaugh).” Getting a quick bite to eat while traveling to and from work was considered a blessing to the poor and working class. As cities grew and developed, so did the fast food chains. The Middle Ages introduced cooked meats…

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