Essay about Fast Food And Childhood Obesity

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Fast Food and Childhood Obesity
Do you believe children who watch TV for long hours are more likely to gain excess weight? Children’s who watches TV ads for unhealthy food products increased the risk factor for obesity because watching TV for long hours and eating unhealthy foods without activity is the primary cause of child obesity. There’s convincing evidence in adults, as well, that the more television people watch, the more probable they are to gain weight or become overweight or obese because fast food restaurants spend much more money on the food market with many products that contain High-calorie, low-nutrient snacks, and sweetened drinks. Although fast food advertising increased child obesity and contained inadequate nutritional it has affordability and convenience; overall it is serious health issues outweigh all benefits.
Fast Food restaurants spend much money every year on child-targeted marketing; a considerable part is a toy advertising for kids ' meals. Adverting is the best way that food restaurants attract many children using by Television ads, magazines, or media. This adverting mostly targets children and teenagers. Specifically, children who watch TV mostly, prefer to eat at the fast food restaurants who offer toy premium with kid’s meals. As a recently published peer-reviewed journal from the Appetite review article indicates, “Half of 3–5-year-olds ate fast food in the seven-day study shows; one-third of them ate at McDonald 's” (Longacre). This study…

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