Fast Food Advertising

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Childhood obesity become epidemic, 30 years ago children were healthy than now. Before kids used to play more after school. Children used to play before dinner for hours, and in gym class. The kids from this generation experience different lifestyle. Now they don’t walk to school they take cars or buses. Also the gym and afterschool been cut. Kids instead of playing after school they just stay home watching tv or playing on the internet. Before kids used to just eat one snack during the day, now they be eating up to 6 snack in a day. We eat 31% more calories than 14 years ago. Children from this generation have different lifestyle in away that can be bad for them. Children from this generation do not share their time with others kids, meaning …show more content…
Since kids don’t spent so much time outside playing now all they do is be on the internet or the tv. Watching tv and seeing the ads would make children more hungry. The ads give the children 's bad habits to eat more and more everyday. Kids could become bad eaters because of the ads. The ads that these kids are watching is telling them to buy fast food because is good for them. Expert study that children who spent more time watching tv are more likely to become obese because they eat food that are high calories and drink a lot of soda and they grow heavier. Every hour a children spent watching tv they gain 7% chance of being fat. American childs watch 8000 commercials, and only 165 were good for them, like fruits and veggies. Having all this commercials on the tv and also the internet can make any children sick, can make them have a very serious health problem as they grow up. Parent let their kids just watch tv and be on the internet until whatever time they want, and …show more content…
The average of fast food meal have too much calories. The top calorie is 1,000 of fat like sugar. There’s not many options of fruits, vegetables, or fiber for people or kids. A survey in 2007 says that the average of calories in NY fast food are 827, one-third of the meal are 1000 or more calories. “Lancet” survey studies that people who eat 3 meals a week gain 10 pounds compared to the people who eat only once a week. People that has diabetes can be in a very bad situation if they keep eating junk food. It would doubles the amount of insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is connected to high blood pressure and diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Fast food could be bad because when you eat a meal and then 5 hours later your blood vessel doesn’t work right this can cause heart attack or a stroke. They can also be in a depression. “Public Health Nutrition” says that if you eat a lot of fast food you would be more of a change to be more depress. Having those type of problems with your health could be very dangerous for people or any kids. People should prevent this problem before it really happens to them or any of their kids.

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