Essay on Fantasy Rhetoric

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Fantasy Rhetoric:
Summary and Analysis of Katherine Fowkes’s Fantasy Films

A Rhetoric Analysis consists of a multitude of attributes some larger than others and some not specifically require. Among those are certain attributes that are what provides the foundation of any Rhetoric work, Logos, Pathos, and Ethos or persuasive appeal. My job is to show you the other attributes consisting of the context of the argument, the authors’ attitude, and the tone of the overall work. So first I will have to fill you in to Katherine Fowkes’s work.
Katherine A. Fowkes in Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film, Vol. 2 she explains the notion of fantasy in traditional application of film through her chapter Fantasy Films. She defines its context in this
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Tolkiens’s The Lord of the Rings or How the Grinch Stole Christmas. From a psychological standpoint one can infer a certain links are attempted between the viewer and character. One such example could be Spider-Man a normal everyday person then granted super powers to handle conflicts and create an easy resolution against all odds, after all who wouldn’t want a happy ending with no mess. Some cater to the norms of society instilling determination and good morals with achieve great things as in Frodo’s quest to destroy the ring in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, or Harry’s battle and clear cut good vs. evil scenario in the Harry Potter films. The psychoanalytical approach in concern to the fantasy film must be thought from what the filmmakers are trying to show and what the viewer is to get out of it. Like the lessoning of fear in death to put ease of dying thought and create an idea of after-death from such films as Ghost and Truly-Madly Deeply. All in all Fowkes tries to put for the idea that fantasy films are a way to give life to ones fantasy thereby achieving the impossible with a logical end.
I will now start my analysis of this

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