Fan, Salt Box, Melon

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20th Century Avant Garde is a period in which art was in an unexpected, experimental form that was abnormal compared to art before it’s time. Pablo Picasso, a Spanish painter created Fan, Salt Box, Melon during this time period. Additionally, French painter Georges Braque created, Guitar and Bottle of Marc on a Table during the same time period. Although these two artworks possess numerous similar features because of the time period and style, they have extremely unique differences as well.
During the 20th century, many artists had decided to rebel against the Renaissance, which for them was Cubism and other art styles. Picasso and Braque were the ones responsible for beginning the Cubist movement. On some occasions, Cubism has been said to be the most influential form of art during the 20th century.. In many Cubist artworks, people and objects are abstract as if they were taken apart and rearranged. Pablo Picasso finished the cubist, still life painting, Fan, Salt Box, Melon in 1909. This painting, in particular, was made with oil on canvas. Another influential artist of the 20th century, Georges Braque finished his cubist painting Guitar and Bottle of Marc on a table in 1930. This particular painting was
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Both Fan, Salt Box, Melon and Guitar and Bottle of Marc on a Table were painted using the cubist style. They both painted commonly distorted objects while using a monochromatic palette. Both pieces are still lifes that are perceived in a different perspective than the naked eye. In Fan, Salt Box, Melon, Picasso painted some objects from a side view and the table is tilted upright like it is being looked down on. This form of cubism is seen in many of their artworks between 1907-1914. Another common similarity is that both artworks are still lifes. Both paintings portray common everyday objects on a table from different

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