Personal Narrative: Family Vs. Group Relations

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I, Shannon Allen, am the biological child of Thomas Allen and Shelia Triplett. I also have two, older, half-brothers. I lived with them for the first ten years of my life in Braxton County, West Virginia. When I was ten, my parents got a divorce and I ended up living with my aunt, Rheta, and uncle, Brian. I am basing my paper on my life living with them due to these events.
Primary Vs. Secondary: Group Relations My family falls in the middle of primary and secondary group relations. My grandma had seven children and was married twice. Out of those seven children, four of them had children of their own. Most of my family members are pretty close-knit, but the other part of them we rarely talk to. I couldn’t even tell you where they worked
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We don’t have rules set down on paper to follow, but I definitely know what your family believes is right and wrong. I also know what my family expects of me and I do things out of respect of my family’s values and morals.
Loyalty Vs. Efficiency My family is more traditional when it comes to loyalty and efficiency. We are loyal to one and another and always have each other’s back. You respect your elders and take care of them no matter how old they are. Even if you don’t do things quite the right way or most efficiently, it doesn’t mean we are going to throw you out of the family.
Religion and Magic Vs. Science and Rationality My family heavily relies on God’s power. We go to him for anything we need and follow the bible. Our fears and needs are generated from what the bible tells us. We use the farmer’s almanac to predict weather, plant/grow crops, and for harvesting/canning crops. My family also uses science to help in gardening. We use fertilizer that was made from scientific research and we try new practices that are research proven. We also go to doctors for our medical needs which has a lot to do with science. So we are mostly in the middle of this part of

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