Family Violence Impacts Children And Teenagers Essays

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Thesis: Family violence impacts children in negative ways by making their future harder to deal with, changing their perception towards individuals and by affecting their emotional stability and self-esteem.
I. Family violence negatively impacts children/ teenagers by making them hard to deal with their future.
a. Major Detail: It is harder to children to focus on school because of the stress of living with abuse (Havelin 15).
i. They tend to be disruptive in class and not pay attention (Havelin 17). ii. They may get into fights with their friends (Stark 51). iii. They could become “sexually promiscuous” and start using drugs (Wallace)
b. Major Detail: Teenager who grow up with abuse often repeat the cycle, doing the same things as they parents (Havelin 16).
i. Havelin says that “[teenagers] whose parents yell and hit often do the same” when they are angry (16). ii. According to Havelin, boys become aggressive, and have problems controlling their temper if they grew up with abuse. iii. All this happens because it is not hard for teenagers to learn “bad lessons from watching domestic abuse” (Havelin 16).
c. Major Detail: Living with abuse during one’s childhood tend to be directly associated with negative outcomes as adults (Wallace)
i. While boys learn that it’s okay to hit women after seeing their father hit their mom, girls tend to learn that women should accept abuse (Havelin 16) ii. Abused teenagers tend to become “passive, cling to other people, and act…

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