Analysis Of Maybe Colin Kaepernick Is Just Not That Good

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Maybe Colin Kaepernick Is Just Not That Good, By: Colin Fleming In the article Maybe Colin Kaepernick Is Just Not That Good by Colin Fleming, the author discusses Kaepernick’s issues within the NFL. Fleming goes on to address his protests against racism and police brutality, refusal to stand for the national anthem in addition to his outspoken nature. Later Fleming criticizes Kaepernick’s football playing ability and skill, hence the title “Maybe Colin Kaepernick Is Just Not That Good.”

Why is NFL committing suicide?, By: James Robbins In the article Why is NFL committing suicide? by James Robbins, the author establishes his position regarding NFL protests. Robbins is convinced the NFL is now corrupt with forced political agendas. He states
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Jeff states allowing transgenders in the military is expensive, unfair, weakens the strength of the military and promotes backward logic. He feels transgender individuals are mentally unstable and thinks the battlefield is not a place to play Barbie dress up games. It is directly stated in the beginning of the article, that Jeff Allen is a senior editor and columnist for a conservative Christian news website which most likely contributes to his opinions on this issue.

Today’s Child Abuse Creates Tomorrow's Criminals, By: Chandre Gould In the article Today’s Child Abuse Creates Tomorrow's Criminals by Chandre Gould, the author builds an argument from her previous study analyzing the correlation between a criminal's previous hardships to reasons they commit a crime. Gould takes into consideration an individual's relationship with their parents, the surroundings he or she grew up in, and even their ability to access weapons such as a gun. The author claims that the best way to break the violent cycle in adults, is to assist toward the prevention of children experiencing violence.

It’s Unfair to Expect Athletes to Serve as Role Models, By:Lane
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The author focuses on the college basketball recruiting scandals, as well as the large protests arising in sports. A controversial statement was stated, saying that there is no longer an escape from the real world when watching sports. Even despite the the issues occurring now within sports, there's is still multiple underlying issues dealing with corruption in the sports industry.

Only we can save the NFL from itself, By: Robert Lipsyte In the article Only we can save the NFL from itself, the author Robert Lipsyte highlights the violent nature in the game of American Football. Lipsyte expresses the nature of loving fans of the sport as having a guilty pleasure due to the brutalness of the game. The author states it was not until recently did the NFL implement fining and threatening suspension to plays for partaking in illegal hits. Lipsyte questions whether people should allow their children to contribute to this ruthless

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