Family Violence And Its Effects On Children Essay

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Most people may argue that they would more likely encounter violent behaviors outside the families than inside the family, but surprisingly this is untrue. Domestic violence is more common than people believe it would be. According to what we learned in class, family violence includes child and adult abuse that occurs between family members or adult intimate partners. For children, this includes acts by others that are physically and emotionally harmful or that carry the potential to cause physical harm. For various kinds of reasons, although family violence has drawn more attention than it did in the past, many family violence victims choose not to report the abuse, so family violence today still did not raise enough social awareness. In this essay, we will discuss three different kinds of family violence that are categorized by types of victims, spousal violence, child abuse and elder abuse, and how those kinds of violence deserve more attention.

The first kind of abuse is also the most common one, spousal violence. Spousal violence is more likely to be reported by females than males, the reason could be that females are physically weaker than males, and males often do the paid work and provide the family, so males feel they should have control of their wives and families. Spousal violence includes physical abuse, a person is physically hurt by his/her spouse, which is the most recognized form of family violence; sexually abuse, could be sexual abuse or marital rape;…

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