Essay on Family Vacation At The Beach

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The Duda’s have taken a family vacation to Siesta Key, Florida. They are staying in a hotel that is not far from the beach. They were going to stay their for two whole days. They are going to have the best time ever at the beach. So the Duda’s get to Florida and go straight to their hotel but they have to take a cab because they flew on a plane to Florida and couldn 't take there car with them. The cab was white and had numbers on it. The inside of the cab was black and had leather seats. The driver was nice and very inviting. They got to there hotel and went inside the lobby. The lobby had a marble floor with different color tiles on the floor. The ceiling had a beautiful gold chandelier. The Duda’s check in with the front desk for their room keys and to find out what their room number is. They got room number A45. They finally find their room after getting lost in the long hallways and steep stairs.They open up the door and find a room with two beds. The room is huge and has a large tv.There is a beach like wallpaper that spreads across the whole room. If you look out the window of the hotel you can see the beach. The room smells clean like it was cleaned a hour before they came to the hotel. It smells like cleaning supplies. The Duda family go to bed after their long day of flying and traveling. Hoping that tomorrow will be a better day. They were supposed to got to the beach the next day so everyone is excited for the next day. The next morning the Duda’s wake up…

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