Essay about Family Systems Theory : Family System Theory

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When looking at family systems, you must begin by looking at Murray Bowen’s family systems theory and “his views on the eight interlocking forces that shape family function,” (Haefner, 2014). Within Bowen’s family psychotherapy research, he noted that “family patterns and problems often repeat over generations, he also noted that families make up their own emotional systems, and within these systems they try to maintain stability and reduce conflict,” (Haefner, 2014).
The eight interlocking forces noted by Bowen through (Haefner, 2014)
1. Differentiation of self, which notes that the family is the primary impact of a person’s personal development.
2. Triangle which is primarily made up of father-mother and child and these are in continual motion.
3. The nuclear family emotional system- the ways in which a family interacts emotionally with one another
4. Family projection process is when parents pass along their emotional strengths and problems to their children, this primary is associated with mothers and children especially during infancy and moving into adolescence.
5. Emotional cut-off is when a member of the family can no longer deal with the emotional stress of the family unit, and choices to remove themselves physically from the family.
6. Multi-generational transmission process- the family’s emotional problems and strengths move through many generations
7. Sibling position which was developed by William Toman, in which Bowen looks at whether a…

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