Family Subsystem Theory

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To better understand each of the previously discussed theories, a family will be discussed with the application of each. This particular family is made up of the mother, father, and two sons. The mother, Tiffany, is a twenty-eight year old female born in Nevada, Missouri. Tiffany is the oldest of three daughters born to Russell and Lesley Beisley. Russell and Lesley were teen parents at the time of Tiffany’s birth. She graduated high school and moved to Springfield, Missouri for college. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2009 and works on a full time basis with non-profit company providing services to individuals with disabilities.
Blake is the husband and father. He is a 30 year old male born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and raised in
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The family began with Blake and Tiffany and the marital subsystem is the most influential. It is this subsystem that dictates the actions of this family. The influence of most parental subsystems is primary, but this is especially true when there are young children involved. There is also a subsystem that is made up between Tiffany and Mason and another for Tiffany and Miles. This is also the case between Blake and both of the children. The subsystem is also applicable to the relationship between Mason and …show more content…
Blake’s family experienced a lack of involvement from his mother, which partially contributed to divorce during his childhood. This situation influenced Tiffany and Blake’s decision to plan and carry out weekly family activities where all members are involved. Their subsystems with their parents and siblings influenced their ideals and goals as they grew into adults and began their own family. As mentioned earlier, Tiffany was born to teen parents. Later on, her two sisters would each experience multiple teen pregnancies. This influenced Tiffany’s decision to engage in family planning activities and to ensure financial stability for her own children to avoid the monetary struggles her sisters and parents experienced.
Communities with very traditional ideas and values definitely influences the individuals who reside there. There were few racial or ethnically diverse people in the area where Blake and Tiffany grew up. As a direct result of that environment, they sought out a different area to continue their education. Being introduced to different cultures and perspectives allowed them to make the conscious decision to engage in an open-type family and frequently encourage communication with diverse groups and encourage new experiences with their own

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