Family Structure And Family Structures Essay

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According to Gerson, in her book “The Unfinished Revolution,” along the children of the gender revolution, family pathways are beyond family structure. In other words, the portrait of moving family provides a more practical way to understand different kinds of family lives than the idea of family types especially for children of the gender revolution. Family structure is the notion of static family types as well as the composition of family, such as nuclear family with the family member of two heterosexual parent, homemaker and breadwinner household and their children. Some people believe that this structure can be changed and also changing now: for example, children with both employed parents, a single mom or dad, and a same-sex couple. This definition of family structure has less influence on children of the gender revolution. Children of the gender revolution, according to Gerson, were raised in unpredictable conditions of family. There is no clear predeterminate paths for family. As a child of the gender revolution, there are more option than just following their parents’ or grandparents’ lives of marriages as a succeed and women as a bread earner or financial supporter. They have egalitarian, gender equality of resources, self-reliant, individuals financially relying on themselves, and neo-traditional, obligation of bread earner as a family model. brought up by two parents or single-parent household; the mother works and parents have interchangeable roles…

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