Family Relationships With The Family

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The other side of the family are combined of McRae’s whose marriage also began in Robeson county. The first generation of this family is very similar to the first generation of the Bethea family. The mother was the nurture while the father was the provider. The mother worked any factory jobs to help provide for her family while the father worked in the community and gambled to financially provide. While the father was working in the community, he became promiscuous with multiple women. The promiscuity and infidelity caused a hostile relationship between the mother and father relating to abuse. The multiple forms of abuse between the relationships caused the marriage to end in a divorce. The marriage ended with a physical dispute after the mother …show more content…
The father has created multiple families outside of his first marriage with a total of twelve children from many women. The father does not have a relationship with the other children. This causes all of the responsibilities of the father to be placed on the children from the first marriage. The father is currently sick and has been relocated by his children many times to ensure his safety and proper health care. The relocation and structure for the care was initiated by the daughter, who could be considered to be the favorite child. The health of the father causes stress between the children and the children and their spouses. The family system instilled in the children the importance of family, so the children are going to care for the father during his sickness regardless of their …show more content…
He gained the infidelity from the father and the substance abuse from the mother. The children did not observe the mothers abuse of substance and were unaware of the problem until the altercation with the parents. The mother used the substances to cope with the abuse from the father and the stress from work. The oldest siblings reasoning for using substance is to cope with stress from his family and the pain from his disability. The mother has been healed from her substance abuse through a rehabilitation program and changing her environment to create positivity. By the mother changing her environment, she left all the things she was comfortable with behind her including her family. The mother made the thing change to help herself but now she is trying to encourage her oldest son to do the same. The oldest son is not realizing how is addiction has been effecting his family and is causing his children to have limited trust in him. Even though, substances are being used, the family still is supporting the family members and offering encouragement during the troubling

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