Family Of Origin : The Stereotypical American Dream Structure

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Family of Origin
My family of origin appears to be the stereotypical American dream structure. It consists of four immediate family members my mom, dad, and older brother. Growing up my mom did not work, and my dad did. When I was younger my family and I were fairly close, but now as we have grown up into different seasons of life our family dynamic has changed dramatically. Overall I had a healthy upbringing in most areas, and not in some. For the most past it has impacted me positively, but like all families we have some major flaws.
Meet the Family
My Mom definitely is the one in charge in our family. She is very hardworking and can be extremely sensitive some days. Overall she is as hard as a rock, she builds up many walls around her. Making it a rare occasion for when she actually opens up, this masks how anxious she actually can be. The majority of the time she can be fairly positive, but I would most likely categorize her as a pessimist. In conversations she is fairly quick to point out what the negative side effects could be. Then there is my dad who is very quiet in most situations, but he can be a great listener. However he avoids conflict like the plague and I am fairly sure he spent a good chunk of my teenage years terrified of me. But he has always supported me and in arguments is good at seeing how both parties feel. Then there is my older brother Jacob, he is about three years older than me. We are as different as day and night. He is very quiet and a…

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