Family Lineage Of The Zea Family Essay

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Zea Family Lineage Essay Before you begin to read what I have written I would like to thank the most caring and kind grandparents anyone could ask for. Giving me this opportunity to earn your support and at the same time learn about the lineage of the Zea family. I am extremely grateful for the chance to delve into a history I am most certainly unaware of.

A long time before my Great Grandfather, Lawrence Dale Zea, and his sisters Louise and Lucille, and brother Kenny lived in Illinois the Zea family lineage began in New York. Our lineage spawns from hard working laborers in an unknown town in New York.

My great-great-great-grandfather, George Washington Zea, was born in New York on December 10, 1854 to Sylvester Zea and Margaret Maria Van Fleet. Not much is recorded of his history, but we do have record that he moved to Iowa at some point. In 1880 he served as a laborer in the small township of Milford in Crawford County of Iowa. During some time before 1893 he took his first wife, Jennie Chapman together they had one child, but unfortunately she passed away before 1893. Continuing in 1893 he married his second wife Martha Custis Streeter. Together they had 4 children Oren, Lawrence, George, and Nina Zea all who grew up in the various townships their parents worked in. While not much is known Margaret Streeter her father George Streeter earned himself quite a name.

George Streeter was born in 1837 in the town of Flint, Michigan. After years of wrestling with the law…

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