Family Household 's Structure And Formation Essay

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My main interest of topic for this survey project is family. I am interested in exploring and understanding the typical family household’s structure and formation In addition, I want to research how a child or teenager’s upbringing is a crucial stage of development where they are the most sensitive and adaptive to changes and influences. This survey will measure how UBC students rate their overall family environment based on several factors and their opinions on whether they believe they were living in a positive or negative environment during their high school years (ages 13-18).
Positive family environment is distinguished as having a cheerful atmosphere in the household, motivating and supportive family and in the meantime, establishing good relationships with family members. In contrast, a negative family environment would be defined as having a depressed or stressed family atmosphere and difficulties in the household or having a traumatic childhood or adolescence experience in the past.

My variable of interest is positive family environment and the other eleven variables are as followed : family structure (parents presence), parents’ employment status, heavy drinking consumption and/or smoking, grandparents, siblings, pets, moving, relatives and family friends in the same city, family meals, left alone and their preference of their living lifestyle in the future. I expect my variable of interest to have a positive or negative correlation with other…

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