False Sense Of Security Essay

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White Paper on The False Sense of Security
Each industry is face with detractors and the Security Industry is no exception. When you think of the Security Industry you think of extra measures being taken to protect different forms of assets. You also think of certain levels of competence being used to implement these extra measures. While the Security Industry often tries to reduce/eliminate its unique detractors it very often overlooks some of the key causes of security issues. These issues are often caused by the ‘industry’ aspect of the business and the need to turn a profit. And by ‘industry’ I mean key contributors that often over qualify themselves or unknown risks that are transferred to stakeholders.
Personnel Skill Sets
How do you know if you have gained beneficial advice to lower Security Risks? The industry consists of man sub-trades that consist of Information Security, Personnel Security, Physical Security,
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These pitfalls can be created due to design flaws and administrative oversight which are often the results of a lack of sub-trade knowledge. This lack of sub-trade knowledge is often passed on to stakeholders. The unaware stakeholder is often exposed to new forms of liability. An example of this liability transfer exist when industry leaders do not understand individual client needs and provide profit driven security design recommendations. As a stakeholder have you conducted a thorough security risk assessment?
Another pitfall that stakeholders are faced with is O&M cost as a result of liability transfer. This liability transfer is created when industry leaders make stakeholders liable for design flaws, when recurring design issues leave assets exposed (for up to six months), with limited warranties, when industry leaders limit their liabilities associated with system operations and when industry leaders establish legal terms that stakeholders are not familiar

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