Elementary School Teacher Research Paper

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Teaching is not just a job but, instead a calling or a ministry chosen by God. I believe God called me to become an elementary school teacher or a special education teacher. According to 2 Timothy chapter one verse fourteen “You have been trusted to look after something precious; guard it with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in us.” This means those who are gifted to teach have been given the responsibility to guide the children with the help of the Holy Spirit. In the bible, little children are valued by Jesus because a believer like a child can only enter the kingdom of heaven. (NIV Matthew 19:13-15) Children can be more humble and willing to learn. As Christian teaching and biblical principles go hand and hand. The connection between …show more content…
Wherever God’ leads us we are called to represent, encourage, and promote the kingdom of God. God granted us with different kinds of gifts such as preachers, healers, artists, and teachers, etc. The gifts we are blessed with are meant to be used to glorify God through our specific mission that is being led by the Holy Spirit. God has designed us with unique talents, interests, aptitudes, abilities, desires, and even experiences that enable us to fulfill our calling to be Christ in the world. God has created us and our gifts for a place of his choosing and we only are ourselves when we are finally there. (Anderson, Theology of Special Education) God sends the Holy Spirit to teach and guide us. As Christian keeping the Holy Spirit within our hearts and live in faithfulness, it will always be with us. Christian teachers are able to teach through the spirit. Hearts are touched, and lives are affected in the classroom. Teachers need to know their students and their learning abilities to be an effective teacher. Great teachers know to teach more than just the curriculum material but teach to the needs of each individual student. This includes getting to know the students’ lives. Knowing the concerns that lies on each child’s heart will help us prepare students for the challenges they may face in the future. We need to measure the feelings and understand the hearts of the students by listening to their responses and their questions. We can’t protect every challenging thing that comes to our students but we can show how our learning experiences are meant to strengthen us not make us weak (Hales). As teachers we can help students reflect on how to live and understand freedom, equality, and respect to all (Durka.) Ministry is the involvement of work and worship given to God. Different types of services are considered a ministry because we have a desire to honor God by caring for people, meeting

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