The Old Man And The Sea Quotes

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The old man and the sea talks a lot about faith and luck. The old man Santiago and the boy who he sails with believe in luck. Yet the young boy is no longer allowed to sail with the old man due to his fathers lack of faith. Right away I see how strongly the boy feels about the old man. The old man established morals and belief in the boy that his family did not, the boy cares for the old man like his own family. Page 11 Hemingway describes the shark factory in great detail, this was his writing throughout the book. He is a poet he told his stories through imagery. He said “their livers removed, their fins cut off and their hides skinned out and their flesh cut into strips for salting”. This scene I could picture in my head although I didn’t …show more content…
“Now is the time to think of only one thing. That which I was born for.” This quote describes Santiago’s dedication and appreciation of not only his job but of his fate. He believes he was born to do something. He followed that and still even after 85 days of resounding reasons as to why he was wrong he pursues it. He was born for it and will not waste it. Page 49 a story of a pair of marlins begins, this story could have many meanings. It shows part of the reason why Santiago appreciates nature around him. There is harmony and love, it is not only kill or be killed. Yet thats exactly the outcome. The old man has to kill the male marlins partner or he will die. Its a cut throat world, its cruel, he does what he must to survive. I just appreciate the graceful way in which he does this. He is not menacing he is thoughtful and precise he doesn’t want suffering he just wants survival. While catching the marlin I was worried the old mans luck may run out. But on page 78 my faith is restored when he catches the dolphin and locked inside are two precious flying fish for the old man to eat. I think surely this will help the old man nourish him and keep him strong enough to catch the fish. I begin to think he will be

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