Fair Labor Standards And Commodity Chains Essay

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LL. Bean, specifically L.L. Bean Duck Boots are a New England staple. As soon as the weather drops below 60 people, both male and female, eagerly take out their boots from storage. This particular product is so exceedingly popular that every fall the company sells out and they could be on back order for months at least until the winter is over. My claim is that not all products are being made out of the US and when they are made in the US, like the L.L. Bean Duck Boots, that doesn’t mean that revenue will decrease and the Labor Standards will be fair In this paper I will first talk about Fair Labor Standards and commodity chains. I will then go on to review the debate on sweatshops using four different texts. Next I will talk about the product of L.L. Bean Duck Boots. I will go on to explain the production method and the labor standards on the company. Finally, I will end with a conclusion. As economies have turned to globalization labor rights and standards have become an issue. (lecture) Labor standards are standards that companies have to abide by in order to ensure that workers are being treated properly and fairly. As the global force has increased the question of how to maintain these standards has risen. (lecture) One way of making sure labor standards are enforced on the international level is through the International Labor Organization, or ILO. The ILO was founded in 1919 and has four major standards. (lecture). These core standards are “Freedom of…

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