Essay on Fahrenheit 9 / 11 By Michael Moore

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Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore is an attempt to link and fault the Bush administration with the events of 9/11. Moore spends the first part of the movie giving evidence of this connection, using documents, interviews, and news footage. The film depicts major deception and negligence on behalf of the president and his administration. Fahrenheit 9/11 explores the results of September 11, 2001.Moore tires to expose the Bush administration 's “lies” and persuade them to believe what he feels are the true values of that.. The most utilized aspect of Moore’s documentary, appealing to the audience 's emotions, is perhaps the film 's most powerful element because it exposes the viewer to seeing and thinking about things they may not normally have to in their day to day life. This use of emotion is a device Moore uses to present and deliver his arguments more profoundly to the audience.
In attempt to persuade viewers pathos is presented as soon as the screen becomes black and the only sound is the noise from September 11, the day planes were taken over by terrorist and crashed into the twin towers, located in New York City. You can hear the horror in the people’s voices and the loud bang from the planes hitting the buildings. Moore intention for this scene was to really start the film off. He also used this scene to persuade his audience into feeling what he felt and see how horrible this event truly was. Also, an interview with a woman who lost her husband during the attack on…

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