Fahrenheit 451 Equality 7-2521 Analysis

To begin, Equality 7-2521 of Anthem, written by Ray Bradbury and Guy Montag of Fahrenheit 451, also written by Ray Bradbury are the prime examples of the outcast of dystopian societies. In both scenarios, the main character has a quest for knowledge unlike everyone else presented in the society. Guy Montag and Equality 7-2521 both try to break the mold casted by the society that is present. This leads to consequences of negative actions towards both of the main characters. In the dystopian society story, “Fahrenheit 451”, Ray Bradbury portrays the punishment of disobeying the societal norms when Guy Montag is caught by the fire department for having possession of a handful of books instead of following the society’s way of burning the books …show more content…
In “Anthem”, Bradbury illustrates how individuality is highly discouraged and banned from the society, where having an who or thinking different from the other members of the society, or brothers, “We are one in all. There are no men but only great WE, ONE, indivisible, and forever,” from this this excerpt the reader understands that everyone works and thinks together so Equality 7-2521’s choice of stepping out of the system is the highest offense there is in the society (19). Equality 7-2521 defiant actions only hurt himself and the only person that accepted him for being different. Equality 7-2521 is seen as a menace to the society even when he tried to help benefit society. He eventually has to flee the city alongside with his friend to escape punishment of the highest power of the society. Afterwards the reader feels excitement and nervousness as Equality performs these actions. This is deeply important because Ray Bradbury wants the reader to comprehend that in Equality’s society having an ego or any sort of individuality that is present is going against the whole foundation of the idea of unity that was brought up by the brothers. The reader should feel discontented that having a little bit of individuality can be punishable by death all because he wanted to explore other knowledge rather than learn what the weaker minded brothers learn. The way Equality’s society is set up there is once again no self thinking as the society works as one, taught their entire life to think as one and never disband from your brothers, the principles of this society is entirely backwards and negative. Equality is one of the few who was tenacious in the thought of having an ego and fought against

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