Fahrenheit 451 And The Movie Minority Report Essay

1296 Words May 7th, 2015 6 Pages
Many similarities exist between the story Fahrenheit 451, and the movie Minority Report. With the idea of this considered, we must individually look at things that do coincide with each other. Firstly, the settings of Fahrenheit 451 and Minority Report possess similarities. For instance, the technologically advanced society that each are based upon. This is first made evident in Fahrenheit 451 when introduced to the idea and reality of television parlors, with full-wall screen televisions. The idea of these may be practical, however, it must be considered the time in which this novel was produced. With that in mind, the mere idea of these items were far fetched, and something only a very highly developed future society may be endowed with. In conjunction with this, highly advanced technologies are very apparent in Minority report. To illustrate this, a few of these advances may be: jetpacks, insect robots, animated cereal box, and the software used to play and analyze clips seen by the pre-cogs. These are way out there in terms of technology, despite them being normal in the society of which Minority Report takes place. In addition to this, the society 's in which both of these take place, it is thought that some of these certain technologies are improving the life of the people. This goes as far as the total disdain of any negative connotations that may be held with these said advances. This specifically in the world portrayed in Fahrenheit 451 when "you take out the old…

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