Factors That Lead A Successful Or Failed Coaching Outcome Essay

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It is imperative that leaders in an organization be evaluated on a regular basis if the organization is to be successful; this is also true of the executive coaches that support these groups. (Goldsmith & Reiter, 2007) In their book stated that through the years, many executives deluded themselves and had an overinflated view of their standing and skills. This is where an executive coach with the main key coaching elements and high competencies can shift this perception to refocus their viewpoints.
There are several factors that contribute to positive or negative coaching outcomes, and as a coach one must diffenciate what is organizational coaching, and understand the skills and expertise needed to act in such a capacity. Coaches can have a variety of coaching style based on their own experiences, beliefs and cultural upbringing. These various factors that contribute to the either a successful or failed coaching outcome will be discussed in this paper.
Along with the assigned reading and supporting research, this paper will highlight core competencies that could be added to a coaches’ cache of tools that help them work with their clients. In conclusion, some examples will be provided that detail these coaching outcomes using the view point of the authors Dagley, Flaherty and Peltier.
Essential Elements of Coaching Competencies
Candid feedback from a trusted executive coach can unlock the potential that further transforms not only the executive being…

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