Factors That Affect The Family 's Dynamics Essay

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Today, families have a variety of structures which change over time as members enter, and exit. A family consists of two or more people sharing at least one of the following: common bonds, goals, interests, genes or ancestry. There are many types of families, for example; biological, nuclear, blended, gay/lesbian, bi-racial or multi-racial, adoptive, single-parent, and extended families. Families operate on a principle of equilibrium, like a mobile, all systems and sub-systems must be in balance for it to function smoothly. These sub-systems have their own elements, rules and boundaries. One alteration, no matter how slight, affects all aspects within that system. These shifts and how they are handled depends on the family’s dynamics. Families operate on a system of giving and receiving, and creating a coherent, healthy relationship between its members (Nichols, 2013). Families like other living things go through developmental cycles. The cycle begins with two or more people and their relatives who evolve over time through predictable stages. Often time’s children are one of the early phases. Their passages through infancy to adolescence and onward to leaving the nest are all transitional points in which the family re-adjusts to current needs and environment. These children begin their own family units, as the family of origin enters old age. Each time a shift occurs in the structure, the family must also modify itself. For as each individual follows their…

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