Factors That Affect Inequality And Stratification Essay

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In this essay, I will be discussing my thoughts on my life experience as it relates to inequality and stratification. Race is real, even though people say you should not see race because it means nothing, but as we all know this information is not necessarily true. I feel a person physically appearance should not just affect the way people treat you, everyone should be able to get along or fit into this society without it being a debate of where a person belongs physically or culturally. Society is here to judge us all, and we have to remain strong as a union/culture to be able to survive in this cruel world.
At times I feel, with all the crime that is going on in today’s society, I sometimes perceive my race as negative, depending upon were you were raised, has a lot to do with your upbringing and how black people cannot seem to escape crime. Unfortunately, an amount of black families was brought up in poverty, and the socioeconomic status was low at the time. Personally, I feel if there is an abundance of black on black crime and were just killing each other. This ethnic group as a whole would definitely be portrayed differently when it comes to safety and protecting the lives of other ethnic groups. Ex: Lack of education, income, wealth, and more importantly where you reside certainly plays a part in the negative connation of black people and the world perceives our race and community.
My family socioeconomic status growing up was considered to me as middle class. Both…

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