Factors That Affect Catherine 's Career Choice Essay

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According to Sharf 2010, “ones career preferences are a result of her or his prior learning experiences” (p. 372). Therefore, I decided to chose learning experience as one of the factors that might impact Catherine’s career choice. Catherine mention is her intake interviews that she finds herself happiest when she is coordinating the informational programs she puts on for potential students. Having positive experiences like this can help Catherine chose a career as she explores a major to pursue in graduate school. Additionally, Catherine also mentioned what she dislikes form her current job and as result, that learning experience can also be crucial when deciding what careers to stay away from. In this way, we focus on areas in which we have had proven success and achieved positive self-esteem. Environmental conditions and events are defined as “a vast array of conditions that affects individuals, these factors are generally are outside the control of the individual” (p. 371). This was another factor that I thought might affect Catherine when making a career choice. I thought the environment she grew in can either have positive or negative impact in her career decision. Catherine grew up with an abusive father as well and alcoholic father and mother. Equally important, her current residency can also influence her career decision. She is currently renting in a lower middle class neighborhood and being that she has a young daughter she might decide to choose a career that is…

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