Factors Contributing Influencing Gender Development Essay

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That being said, with such a broad understanding of gender, a conclusion that there are multiple factors possibly influencing gender development is reasonable. Despite some refutation by more conservative groups, several factors such as biological, environmental, and social factors have been found in empirical research to work together in influencing the development of one’s gender identity.
Be that as it may, those opposed to the concept of seeing gender as a spectrum do not come to the debate empty handed. While the first instinct of most supporters of the gender identity spectrum is to assume the religious views of the opposed are too limited, religion is hardly the only point that is made. Beginning their argument with science, the opposed make a valid point in the consideration of the biological factors of someone’s gender. Dr. Frank Wright, President and CEO of the National Religious Broadcasters, establishes in an episode of his mini-series on YouTube, “Truths that Transform” that the term gender being distinct from one’s biological sex is a relatively new phenomenon originating just after the beginning of the 1970s (Wright, 2016). In ceding with this statement, the idea of the gender spectrum is in fact a new development. Until the 1970s, gender had been understood solely as a biological phenomenon. What can be admired about the biological perspective is that it is straightforward and easy to understand. A brief article written by Aidan Sammons on gender as…

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