Factors Contributing For Reducing Cancer Risk Essay

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For the majority of cancers, lifestyle factors and environmental exposures become the major risk factors. An estimated 30 to 40 percent of cancers are influenced by diet. Diet patterns that emphasize fat, meat, alcohol, and excess calories and that minimize fruits and vegetables can cause cancer. Such constituents of the diet relate to cancer in several ways. Foods or their components may cause or promote cancer. Additionally, foods or their components may protect against cancer. Certain dietary factors significantly influence cancer development. The extent of risk inflicted by foods depends somewhat on the person’s genetic inheritance. Additionally, obesity, physical inactivity, and diets high in red and processed meats are associated with cancer development.

When calorie intakes are reduced, cancer rates fall and if a person’s calorie intake rises, cancer rates rise in response. However, if a person develops cancer, cancer continues advancing even in a person who is staving therefore, it is important follow recommendations for reducing cancer risk. Cancer rates increase in response to excess calories from carbohydrate, fat, and protein all raise cancer rates. In addition to reducing calories, it is important to maintain a physically active lifestyle. Including regular, vigorous physical activity may lower the risks of colon and breast cancer. Physical activity may protect against cancer by helping to maintain a healthy body weight and by other mechanisms such as changes…

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