Sexual Child Abuse In Adolescence

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The early stages of an individual 's life are often very essential to the development of an individual 's character. Ordinarily a person proceeds through their infancy and childhood years, then enters their adolescent years and begin to assemble their own characteristics to become their true self. However, there are multiple factors that many adolescents face that can interrupt their development. One pivotal factor that some children face is some type of child abuse. A particular form of child abuse is sexual child abuse. There are multiple influences and factors that can be taken into consideration when discussing risks of sexual child abuse in adolescence. For instance, community and family characteristics of the child can be an influence …show more content…
The location of an individual can influence the chances of them being sexual abused. According to the Journal of child sexual abuse, “the higher the poverty rate in a community, the higher the risk is of maltreatment (Matta Oshima Jonson-Reid & Seay, 2014). It also states “neighborhoods with the highest poverty rates have sexual abuse reporting rates four times higher than neighborhoods with the lowest poverty rates (Matta Oshima Jonson-Reid, & Seay, 2014). This reveals adolescents located in poor areas are at a higher chances of being sexual abused. Another characteristic that is crucial when determining when adolescents can be at a greater risk of being abused is their family aspect. It is revealed that a mother’s age at parturition influences the risk of a child being sexualy abused. The text also states “children of mothers who give birth at 17 or younger were nearly four times more likely to have a report of sexual abuse” (Matta Oshima Jonson-Reid & Seay, 2014). It then later states “children whose mothers have not completed high school are at 1.5 times the risk of having a maltreatment report” (Matta Oshima Jonson-Reid & Seay, 2014). A child 's family’s affairs can often determines a child 's risk of being sexually …show more content…
In some cases that is correct. A child abuser can vary from any anybody the child comes in contact with. An abuser can be a friend of the child, or a family member. Studies show that child sexual abuse can be child-on-child and adult-on-child (Giglio, Wolfteich, & William, 2011). Child-on-child abusers are usually “under the age of 18 years with at least a five year age difference”(Giglio, Wolfteich, & William, 2011). Studies have shown that child sexual abuse are primarily done by adults (Giglio, Wolfteich, & William, 2011). In addition, a parent who has a mental health disorder “approximately doubles” the child changes of the child being sexual abused (Matta Oshima, Jonson-Reid & Seay, 2014). An abuser may typically “hold high profile job, be out of work, using drugs, or have a drinking problem (Safeharborsfl, N.

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