Parental Monitoring Essay

Children experience maltreatment around the world because of the lack of support and attention from their parents or guardians. Parental monitoring has a great effect upon children becoming involved in negative situations and emotional distress. Parental monitoring can potentially steer children away from troubled situations, limit the exposure to high risk peers and provide parents the time to discuss the benefits of delaying sexual intercourse. A childhood history of maltreatment and emotional distress can potentially cause children to experience sexual intercourse at an early age. The suffering to children, as well as families that can lead to long-term consequences are caused by child maltreatment. Maltreatment can cause stress, and disruption in early brain development. Being extremely stress can impair the development of the nervous and immune systems.
Approximately one third of 9th graders have had sexual intercourse (Center for Disease control and Prevention, 2008). The risk of early sexual behavior can have a great effect on a child’s behavior through the course of their early life stages. Children who participate in early sexual behavior are more likely to have numerous sex partners which can and will lead to higher risks for sexually transmitted diseases and early pregnancies.
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The prevention of intercourse is most likely reduced by the amount of opportunities to be involved in that behavior. As children get older, they become more independent because there social life increases, which can bring opportunities of risky behavior. A number of risk factors for child maltreatment have been identified. Child maltreatment risk factors are not present in all social and cultural contexts, but can provide an overview when attempting to understand the causes of

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