The Importance Of Maltreatment On Children

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Children experience maltreatment around the world because of the lack of support and attention from their parents or guardians. Parental monitoring has a great effect upon children becoming involved in negative situations and emotional distress. Parental monitoring can potentially steer children away from troubled situations, limit the exposure to high risk peers and provide parents the time to discuss the benefits of delaying sexual intercourse. A childhood history of maltreatment and emotional distress can potentially cause children to experience sexual intercourse at an early age. The suffering to children, as well as families that can lead to long-term consequences are caused by child maltreatment. Maltreatment can cause stress, and disruption in early brain development. Being extremely stress can impair the development of the nervous …show more content…
They all had data results that at least included maltreatment, emotional distress and sexual intercourse. Sexual intercourse was measured by just asking the participants, “Have you ever had sex?” The dominant race in this experiment included African Americans being 54% of them. Some of the participants come from low income families and some of them included foster parents. The recorded data in this interview was based on child protective services (CPS) and youth self-reports. Measures were recorded based on maltreatment by age twelve. Out of all 637 participants, 20% were self-report only, 38% CPS only and 42% were both combined.
One in five women and one in thirteen men report having been sexually abused as a child and 79% of youth reported to have a history of maltreatment by age twelve. The results of maltreatment is 26% sexual abuse, 45% physical abuse, and 59% psychological abuse and 57% neglect. At age fourteen, 21% of youth had reported that they engaged in sexual intercourse. Boys were more likely to report they had sexual intercourse than

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